Friday, May 29, 2009

Lolli-TaTas??? I had a request to do some lollicakes for a Passion Party. We all know about Passion Parties, contribution of lollicakes became lolli-tatas!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Cupcake Princess!

At seventeen months old, sweet Kailyn now says is beyond cute!!

Lollicakes for Baby Showers & Birthdays!!!

I've been busy making friend's son, Noah, had his third birthday party which had a Pirate and Princess theme. I did skulls and pink wands...I think the skulls were the bigger hit with both the boys and girls - arrrg, a pirate's life for me. The following week, I had two baby showers - one boy and one girl! I did pink and blue bears...wouldn't these be cute to bring to the hospital for the birth of a baby? My next creation are some lollicakes for a "passion party" - hmmmmmmmm

I scream - You scream - We all scream for Lollicake cones!!!

I found these cute baby cones and thought how cute it would be to do lollicakes in mini ice cream cones! I made some for my daughter's going away party and they were a hit with all of her friends...I even did a couple of double-dippers!!!