Sunday, August 22, 2010

Toy Story Lollicakes

I've been wanting to take Kailyn to see Toy Story 3 but so far we haven't made it there - I guess we will be seeing it on DVD now. The next best thing to seeing it though? How about making some Toy Story Lollicakes. Bakerella posted some adorable Toy Story cupcake pops - check out her sight on how to make them - so I tried them out for an upcoming birthday. I wasn't too thrilled with my Hamm Lollicake...but Mr. Potatoe Head made up for him! You have to work fast on putting him together though because there is so much to put on I made him, I kept getting images of Cliff from Cheers (he was the voice of Hamm). All in all...I would say Woody and Buzz might just get a little jealous that there aren't Lollicakes of them!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Lollicake Princess!

Oh, I remember when I was able to tease her with wrapped Lollicakes...she is growing up so quickly! Kailyn still loves to help out in the kitchen - and she loves to eat the cake truffles before they become Lollicakes!

Pop-Pop-Popcorn Buckets!

I am doing a rehearsal dinner this coming weekend - and the theme colors are red and white. One of the designs the MOG picked was my popcorn bucket...They turned out adorable - even if I didn't get to spray on the yellow "buttered" look!!!