Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Lollicakes

It's that time of year again when witches and goblins come knocking at your door...too bad children can't receive homemade treats anymore. I can remember getting candy apples, caramel corn and chocolate chip cookies in my treat bag as a kid - I guess that is really dating me! Anyway...if you could give out homemade treats - lollicakes would be a treasured and non-tradeable treat in any kid's bag!
What is even more fun is the black "goth" look you get when you eat a spider or rat displayed by Kailyn!

My Little Lollicake Baker

Obviously Kailyn has been watching Grammy quite closely as you can see by this video clip. I was amazed at the good job she did - although she did squash the cake truffle but that was fixable! I only let her "touch" the ones that she was going to eat. Oh...child labor at its' best!!!