Saturday, February 28, 2009

They are "Magically Delicious" Irish Lollicakes!

Think outside the box...and that is just what I did! I decided that Lucky Charms Lollicakes sounded pretty good - I mean they are, afterall, magically delicious . So I created some for Saint Patrick's Day... and they would make my sainted mother smile. Then I decided to use my box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies to create a mint flavored Lollicake...and himself even gave a thumbs up for them! Being Irish, I will pass on this little Irish proverb to you in honor of our great holiday on March 17th:

May your baking bring you happiness.
May your cupcakes bring delight.
May the calories be hidden
and kept well out of sight!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Being One is Just WONDERFUL!

Hi Cupcake Lovers
Who knew that the Rites of Passage would be this delicious! This turning one thing has been great...I have been initiated into "cupcake tasting" by Mommy, Aunt Kiki and Grammy. This is where we go to a cupcake shop and order many flavors of cupcakes and then pass them around to see which ones we like best. We went to Tees & Cakes up in Boulder, and I liked the Strawberry Milkshake cupcake the best. I can't wait to visit another cupcake shop soon. And then today, I finally got to actually eat a lollicake and YUM! After watching Grammy make these for the past year, it's about time I got my teeth into one...Yep, this getting older thing is truly proving to be a tasteful experience!
Love & Cupcake Kisses
Kailyn - Lollicake Taster in Training