Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Lollicakes

Fall is in the air...the leaves are beginning to turn color...and yes, there is snow up in the mountains! Must be time for some Fall Lollicakes...pumpkins, apples, candy corn - what more could you ask for!

Black Forest Cupcakes

Nick once again requested a new cupcake for his birthday. So I decided to go with a Black Forest Cupcake with cherry brandy in it. The frosting had equal amounts of whipping cream and powdered sugar which was a new recipe to me but came out with a nice thick consistency for frosting. Hopefully, Nick will like them....they do look pretty!

Look Grammy - no hands!!!

I love how Kailyn eats a cupcake without using her hands...it's almost like she doesn't want to get them sticky! She does look like she is in a trance...a yummy cupcake trance!!!