Sunday, November 30, 2008

Starbucks for Baby!

Another had to post picture of the Princess Baby...she does love her Starbucks - cup that is!!! Is she wishing that she had a cupcake to go with her coffee??? Soon...December 31st she will be turning one and she will getting her first cupcake - YUM!!!

Macy's Day Parade

One of my Thanksgiving traditions has been to watch the Macy's Day Parade with my girls while getting the turkey in the oven. This year I actually got to watch it in person! We stayed at a hotel on 52nd and Broadway and had a view of the parade from the 7th floor terrace. Though it was COLD outside, it will be a memory to cherish always. While in NYC - I did taste a few cupcakes from Kumquat, Magnolia and Crumbs...and I brought my lollicake supplies so we were able to make some lollicakes for Thanksgiving. The security at the airport took away my can of frosting - I guess they thought I was going to do something dangerous with it!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cupcake for Santa!

Santa and I had a long talk about all those cookies he has been getting over the years - and fellow bloggers, he's tired of cookies! This year he was thinking cupcakes would be a nice change for him on his travels around the world...I told him about all the deliciously wonderful cupcakes that we all make, and I swear I think he popped a button or two as visions of cupcakes danced in his head!!! So not wanting to upset Santa with the same old "Cookies for Santa" plate - (hey, I'm done with coal unless it has been made into diamonds!)- I created a "Cupcake for Santa" plate. My Princess Baby granddaughter and her cousin will have their plates ready on Christmas Eve with maybe a gingerbread or red velvet cupcake for Santa to enjoy after he fills their stockings...and don't be surprised when you hear him exclaim "Happy Christmas to all and cupcakes are just right!"