Friday, December 19, 2008

The Shoppe - Denver, Colorado

I like cupcakes - ok, I LOVE cupcakes! When I travel, I make sure I go to at least two cupcake bakeries as part of my itinerary. I do internet searches to see what bakeries I want to visit. So far I have had cupcakes from Magnolia, ButterCup, Kumquat, Happy Cakes, Sprinkles, Crumbs, Lovely Confections, Yum Yum's and The Shoppe...and I know I am missing a few in there. I am not a food critic - I just know what I like in a cupcake. My expectations are simple...the cupcake must be moist and the frosting not too sticky sweet. Presentation of the cupcake is also important. And, of course, I can't help comparing them to what I bake at home (which get rave reviews from their consumers!). So...I have to rate The Shoppe in Denver as the BEST cupcake I have eaten outside of my own home. Emma's cupcakes are moist and her peanut butter frosting is to die for...Denverites, if you haven't visited The Shoppe - you must put it on your agenda. It is fun and funky as their menu consists of cereal (yes, cereal) served in big bowls. You can mix and match your cereal flavors, and they have toppings you can order for your cereal. They have a good coffee/expresso bar so you can get your coffee fix. The Shoppe also has a Design Goods Area that features books, jewelry, novelties, etc. And then there are the cupcakes...yummmmm -the cupcakes!!! You can check them out at They are located on Colfax and St. will not be disappointed! The ones pictured are eggnog, banana split, peppermint, pumpkin and cranberry. My daughter, Kristin (have I raised her right, or what?), brought these home for me after I had to fast for 48 whole's amazing how you feel starved when you are told you CAN'T eat - whereas, if I chose to not eat for 48 hours - I probably would be fine! Thank you, Kristin, for enabling your mother's cupcake addiction!

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