Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jack & Coke Lollicakes

My friend, Forrest, likes his Jack & Coke - but he also loves my I made him some Jack & Coke Lollicakes. I baked a chocolate coca-cola cake which was a first for me...wasn't sure exactly how long to boil the coke down but it worked out. I added the Jack to the finished cake...I used the pour, sip, pour, sip method! I do believe that next time I will add a LOT more! I put those cute little coke bottles as the decoration on top of each lollicake and did clear sprinkles so it would sort of look like ice. I created a bucket of lollicakes and miniatures of Jack as my finished masterpiece!!! Hopefully, they will be a hit - we will be using the sip, bite, sip, bite method to eat them up...

1 comment:

StepherB said... husband would LOVE these! It combines all of his favorites! Hillarious!!