Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cupcakes Squared - San Diego

Well...the third time was a charm! We had attempted to go to Cupcakes Squared two times on previous visits to San Diego but once it was closed and the other time we were there too early. So on this visit...I checked my trusty iphone for hours of operation and made plans for a little cupcake tasting. The staff (especially Jen) were friendly and helpful...and shared samples of cupcakes!!! Jen gave me some tips on buttercream frosting since I have found this to be my weak link in cupcake baking - I will let you know if her tips work. But back to the cupcakes...we tried the lemon, chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate mocha, almond and not so red velvet. The cupcakes were dense and moist - but it was the frosting that was truly wonderful. Each cupcake had a buttercream flavor that was smooth and didn't leave you with that aftertaste of "butter" that some buttercream frostings have. It was worth the third visit - and it will be a stop on my next trip to San Diego! Disclaimer: The Chocolate Mocha cupcake got a little bit squished on our way was beautiful when purchased!

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