Friday, January 22, 2010

Lollicake Bakeshop Web Page

Ok - I finally broke down and spent the money to buy a domain name and to put together a web page for getting the business up and running. Kati is busily working getting the page up with hopes that this will help her out when she is downsized in April.  Kristin has done a great job with her photography and recommending purple and green as our colors. Michelle (from The Bagel Bakery) and I will be doing a wedding show in February. We have been discussing that this is a market we need to take advantage of now before someone else steals it away from us.  Michelle has been the answer to my prayers with the ability to use the bakery kitchen!  We are trying to figure out the logistics of shipping.  So everyone go check out the website at and become a fan on facebook!


StepherB said...

I love these! They are so cute and look so yummy! We are driving to Denver this summer, I will definitely have to swing by the shop and try some out! Web site looks good!

Lollicake Bakeshop said...

Let us know when you are coming out and we will make sure we have some special Lollicakes for you!