Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adogable Lollicakes!

Recently I was asked if I could do some type of Lollicake arrangement for - wait for it - a doggie birthday party. Sheila loves her puppy, Bungee, and Sheila loves Lollicakes so she wanted to have a special treat for Bungee's birthday party. I knew I could create some cute doggie Lollicakes...and seriously considered actually processing some dog biscuits so that Bungee could have his own Lollicake - but then I thought that would still be a little too much sugar for the sweet puppy. I made up some doggie Lollicakes in brown and white just like Bungee so that he could share them with his "human" guests and then dipped doggie biscuits in vanilla so that Bungee's friends could have some treats too! So - Happy Birthday Bungee from The Lollicake Bakeshop!!!

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