Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cupcakes & Martinis Cookbook

"Create My Cookbook" is a website where you can make your very own cookbook just like one you might find at a bookstore. You can either select a hard back book or a coil bound book. The website is user friendly - you just add your recipes and download pictures...and you can share it via internet with your friends. Being that cupcakes and martinis are two of my favorite food groups, I decided that I would create a cookbook with a cupcake and martini theme. Each cupcake will have a martini that will complement it - such as a White Chocolate Wedding Cake Cupcake with a Flirt-tini Martini or a French Toast Cupcake with an Orange Slice Martini...or how about a Coma Cupcake with a Mind Eraser-tini? Some recipes are my own - some I borrowed from other diva cupcake bakers (credit is given to them) but all have been baked and tasted and have reached STAR quality - therefore, cookbook status!
*The picture is my back cover.


Anonymous said...

Someone told me about your website and, after being on it for a few minutes, I think I put on 10 lbs!

Have you ever thought about cupcakes with a movie theme? Think about a Wizard of Oz cupcake for example. Also political themed ones? There is a very talented artist in NYC who takes women's high heel shoes and creates art pieces out of them -- even naming some shoes after stars such as Madonna. Just a thought ... obviously, you are an artist at heart!

Erin said...

OMG can you please send me the link to your recipe book??? I need your S'mores cupcake recipe =)
BTW I made the cupcake pops this weekend - delish! I used a lemon cake and highly recommend it. However, I need to work on my shape...I guess practice makes perfect? Please say it is so!
Love you miss you!

Sticky Cakes said...

anonymous - I like the idea...something else to keep my brain cells working late at night -Wizard of Oz...obviously emerald green cupcakes? or red ruby cupcakes? Hmmmm...I will post ideas later...

GreenEyedLillies said...

I saw something about cupcakes...and I think I saw something about french toast! OMG!

I would love to see your cookbook! :)
How awesome is that?